Biography: Prof Ad van Wijk

Prof. Dr. Ad van Wijk (1956) is one of the most influential sustainable energy entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe. In 1984 he co-founded the sustainable energy knowledge company  Ecofys, which eventually grew into Econcern. As chairman of the executive board he lead and developed Econcern into a company with 1200 people in more than 20 countries, sharing the mission ‘A sustainable energy supply for everyone’.  Until its bankruptcy in 2009 as a result of the financial crisis. Econcern was the holding company of Ecofys, Ecostream, Evelop, OneCarbon and Ecoventures.

Econcern developed and marketed many new products and services in the field of sustainable energy. Examples include the 120 MW offshore wind farm Princess Amalia, several multi-MW solar farms in Spain, BioMCN (a bio-methanol plant in Delfzijl) which is the largest second generation biomass plant in the world,  Sea Water Air Conditioning systems in the Caribbean(still under development), the Closed Greenhouse (an energy producing greenhouse) the console (an innovative and cheap support structure for solar systems), the Energy Mirror (visualizing energy consumption in buildings) and Quicc (an electric van).

Ad van Wijk achieved many important prizes for excellent entrepreneurship. Amongst others he was entrepreneur of the year in the Netherlands in 2007. In that same year he received the 2007 Amsterdam Private Equity Club Award.  And in 2008 he was top-executive of the year in the Netherlands. He was member of several  Supervisory Boards, amongst others Solland Solar Energy (A solar cell manufacturer)  and BioMCN

Today, Ad van Wijk is a an independent sustainable energy entrepreneur, advisor and Professor in ‘Future Energy Systems’ at the Delft University of Technology. He is member of the Economic Development Board Rotterdam and of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities.

CV and PUBLICATIONS of Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk

Name:                        Wijk, A.J.M. van

Date of birth:              12 May 1956

Nationality:                 Dutch


1974                          High School (Atheneum B)

1982                          Graduated in Physics at the Utrecht University

1990                          Doctorate at the Utrecht University

PhD Thesis ‘Wind Energy and Electricity Production’

PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT                                                          

1984 – 2009               Chairman of the Board of Econcern N.V.                                              I was one of the founders of this company in 1984, early 2009 employing over a 1000 people and offices in more than 20 countries and for several years among Europe fastest growing companies.

ECONCERN ( is the holding company of Ecofys, Ecostream, Evelop, OneCarbon and Ecoventures. The mission of these European companies is       “a sustainable energy supply for everyone”. ECONCERN specialises in delivering expert services, products and projects in all areas of sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

1982 – 1997              Research appointments, the last 3 years as an  Associate                                   Professor at the Department of Science, Technology and                                           Society of the Utrecht University, till 31-12-1997. Within this                                          department I was head of the research group ‘Energy and                                                   Environment’, in which about 25 people are working. The research                                        topics are ‘Renewable Energy’, ‘Energy System Analysis’ and                                   ‘Energy Economy and Climatic Change’.

2009-today                Sustainable energy entrepreneur and advisor

2011-today                Professor at the Technical University Delft,                                                      chair ‘Future Energy Systems’

2011-today                Director Master of Business in Energy, postgraduate education                                      program at Toptech, TU Delft


1984 – 2001              Chairman of the Board of the Dutch Magazine ‘Renewable Energy’

1984 – 2000              Member of the “Bezinningsgroep Energiebeleid”                                          (An independent Energy Policy Advisory Group)                                              Author of several reports for this group

1990 – 1991              Member of the Organisation- and Scientific Committee of the                                    IEA/OECD Conference “‘Energy Technolo­gy Policies for                                                      Sustainable Development; comparing long-term approaches”

1991                          Member of the ad-hoc commission of the Dutch Energy Council                                    (AER) about the future heat supply system

1992                          Member of the ad-hoc commission of the Council for Environmental                                    Health (CRMH) about the Electricity supply system                                                                (“Struktuurschema Elektrici­teitsvoor­ziening”)

1991 – 1994               Member of the advisory commission pay back tariffs for Wind energy

1991 – 1995               Member of the research programme SYRENE (SYstem Integration                                    of Renewable Energy and End Use technolo­gies in the Nether­lands)

1992 – 1994               Member of the Wind Energy Group of the ‘World Energy Council’

1993 – 1994               Member of the IEA Expert’s Group on Energy Technology                                                     Assessment and Methodologies for R&D Priority Setting & Evaluation

1994 – 1999               Chairman of the Board of the Dutch Wind Energy Bureau                                                   ‘Landelijk Bureau Windenergie’

1995 – 1996               Member of the Council for Housing (RaVo)

1996                          Member of the work group ‘Sustainable Building’; a  combined                                            work group of the Council for Housing, the Council for the                                        Environment and the Council for Physical Planning

1996 – 1997              Member strategy group PV, to analyse and to develop a strategy for                                   the introduction of PV to developing countries

2000 – today             Chairman of the Supervisory Board UCE                                                                                (Utrecht Centre for Energy Research)

2002                          “Entrepreneur of the Year” (prize awarded by the public)

2003 – today             Member of the Board of EAF (Energy for All Foundation)

2004 – 2007              Member of the Supervisory Board Solland Solar Energy

2005 –  2009              Chairman of the Board of the Climate Change  Group,                                                     The Netherlands

2006 – 2009               Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Silpro (Polysilicon factory)

2006 – 2009              Member of the Supervisory Board of SOL Holding AG

2006 – 2009               Member of the Supervisory Board of BMCH                                                                         (Biomethanol Chemie Holding)

2007                          “AP€C Award for Private Equity”

2007                          “Master Entrepreneur of the Year’

2008                          CMS Business of the Year Award 2008

2008                          Influencer of the Year

2009                          “Topman” of the Year 2008

2010-today                Member of the Economic Development Board Rotterdam

2007-today                Member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities

2011-today                Member of the Biorenewables Business Platform

2011-today                Member of the Supervisory Board WES                                                                         (Wind Energy Solutions B.V.)

3 thoughts on “Biography: Prof Ad van Wijk

  • October 16, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Waarde Ad,

    las heden je artikel in AD.

    Alle waardering voor jullie grootse plannen.

    Echter is mijn vraag:
    waarom rep je met geen woord over de wijze waarop de waterstofmotor aan Waterstof komt……..

    Op je homepage vind ik slechts:
    Dat waterstof moeten we maken, bijvoorbeeld uit aardgas of biogas met een rendement van 75%

    Daar blijft het bij……(zonder onderbouwing)

    Het feit dat je in je artikel in AD van 2/3 pagina er met geen woord over rept, vind ik toch een grote omissie. Immers het kernprobleem is juist; waar haal je de energie vandaan!

    Bij voorbaat dank ik je voor het gefundeerd antwoord.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Niels Visser

  • October 2, 2015 at 11:14 am

    Hallo Mr. van Wijk,
    ik ben Sem van het vos lyceum uit Vlaardingen.
    Ik doe VWO TTO wat inhoud dat alles in het Engels is. Wij zijn nu met een internationaal project bezig voor duurzaamheid! Dit is internationaal met onder andere India, Spanje, Belgie etc.! Ik volgde u project al wat langer en vond dit zeer geschikt voor dit project, de car powerplant! Ik zou het erg interessant en leuk vinden als wij u zouden mogen interviewen en wat filmpjes/video’s mogen maken van het project! Ik weet niet of u dit erg vind maar mijn project word ook aan de mensen van het go green project geshowd! misschien wat reclame? 🙂 ik zou het erg fijn vinden als u een bericht terug zou sturen!

    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    Sem ter Beek


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