Green Hydrogen Investment and Support Report

Hydrogen Europe’s input for a post COVID-19 recovery plan

Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in achieving an affordable, clean and prosperous economy. To recover from the economic recession caused by the COVID-19 virus, investments in building a hydrogen economy can contribute to a clean and affordable energy system, but above all can scale up an innovative new hydrogen manufacturing industry, creating new green jobs and economic growth.

To get insight into building such a hydrogen system, consisting of production, infrastructure and storage, and hydrogen applications, an estimate of the necessary investments and required support has been made. These investments create new markets for hydrogen products, equipment and applications, such as electrolysers and fuel cells. Based on these data, European Member States together with the European Union could design policies and support schemes, especially for a post COVID-19
economic recovery plan.

In this document, to estimate the total investments for building a hydrogen system up to 2030 the FCH JU study Hydrogen Roadmap Europe has been used for the hydrogen demand assumptions in 2030 and Hydrogen Europe’s paper 2×40 GW Green Hydrogen Initiative has been used for green hydrogen production assumptions in 2030. Overall, the total investments up to 2030 are estimated to be 430 billion Euro, with an estimated necessary support of 145 billion Euro.