Over the years, I have initiated, worked on, or helped out with numerous projects. Below you can find information on some of them.

In my view, great potential lies in the local, decentralized production of energy. It better allows you to utilize locally available sustainable energy, to combine electricity and heat production, without the transportation losses that occur when centrally producing at a single location.

To this end, I am one of the initiators of a local sustainable utility in the region of Houten (the Netherlands). Check out our projects below.

When buying an energy-intensive appliance such as a tumble dryer, fridge, or television, consumers look at many characteristics. The size, color, capacity, and perhaps most importantly: the purchase price. For a few euros difference people drive to the other side of town, or order from a perhaps dodgy retailer. What they hardly look at, is what the appliance will cost them from the moment they’ve bought it, i.e. the energy costs in the form of electricity usage, gas or water.

Greenem let’s you do just that, with personalized energy profiles that show you in a jiffy which appliance is best for you. Total cost of ownership for consumers, at the tip of your hands!

‘My Green Wishlist’ / ‘Mijn Groene Verlanglijstje’
The best way to find all sorts of surprising, beautiful, and always green gifts to put on your wish list. This includes a great biologically produced champagne, toys made from recycled materials, or cool gadgets that use the power of the sun. Checks it out:

Some other projects I would like to highlight: