Launched in 2010, Greenem is an online comparison website ( that goes beyond the purchase price. Through the smart application of appliance usage data and algoritms, Greenem is able to show the usage costs of thousands of products. This allows you to compare a washer, fridge or television not only on the basis of the one-time purchase costs, but also on the total cost of ownership because of elektricity, water and/or gas usage.

In late 2012, Greenem expanded with a tool specifically designed for solar PV (zonnepanelen in Dutch). With the roof check you are able to see within 1 minute how many panels fit on your roof, how much electricity they would generate, and the top3 suppliers in your region (Dutch market only for now).

Going beyond this handy information, Greenem also allows you to personalize your usage: your household size matters, for example. Whether you are alone, or have 5 children will surely make a huge difference in usage costs! The same goes for the type of user you are: very energy efficient (i.e. always turning off the television rather than letting remain in stand-by mode, or occasionally letting your clothes dry in the sun in stead of using your tumble dryer), or having more of a laissez-fair approach to turning off lights when you’re not in the room?

Last but not least, Greenem also incorporates another important aspect of products: broad spectrum environmental information. This means you can tell my looking at a single number (on a scale of 0 to 100) how good the product is from an environmental point of view. This takes into account the relative energy usage, but also whether the specifiec product at hand was manufactured using the cradle-to-cradle principles, and if it was made using toxic materials. All this data is encapsulated into the Greenem Rating

Taking these very practical, real-life aspects into account, Greenem is able to construe a usage model that fits you like a glove. This allows you to make the best-informed decision regarding which appliance is best suited to your personal situation.

Greenem works with over a 100 of the biggest webshops in The Netherlands, and gives you all the tools you need when looking for white goods, electronics, or lighting products.

Check Greenem out here:

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