Friday, October 27

Symposium and Valedictory Address
Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk

Venue: Aula Congress Centre TU Delft (building 20), Mekelweg 5 in Delft

Symposium – ‘Green energy for all’

How hydrogen and electricity carry our future

How can we realize a sustainable energy system for everyone? What are the opportunities and challenges from technological, economic, social, political and scientific perspective?

10.00 – 10.30

Welcome to the future
Opening by Natasja van den Berg, Symposium chair

The sky is the limit
Large scale renewable electricity and hydrogen production takes off
Frank Wouters
Senior vice-president new energy, Reliance
Chairman Advisory board, Dii Desert Energy
Chairman, MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Let’s beat climate change
Panel on policy and politics to deliver green energy for all
Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
CEO, Hydrogen Europe
Former member European Parliament
Cornelius Matthes
CEO, Dii Desert Energy Board member Solarway, Dubai
Marjan Minnesma
Managing director, URGENDA
Winner Goldman Environmental Prize 2022
1st position Sustainable 100 in 2011, 2012, 2013, Dutch newspaper Trouw
Nienke Homan
CEO Impact Hydrogen, President VNCI
Former regional minister energy and energy transition, Provincie Groningen

Alice Krekt
Director, NL Hydrogen

Pitches: Next generation green energy ready for takeoff
Short introduction of the hydrogen dream teams making future reality
Dream team AeroDelft – emission free airplane
Our future flies in clean skies
Dream team Ecorunner – most efficient city car
Building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car

Coffeebreak /
Foyer 1st Floor

Flying hygher with research
Research and development to realize faster and cheaper green energy for all
Bart Biebuyck
Former executive director, Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (JU)

Scientific power to green hydrogen
Panel: Perspectives on why more research is needed
Prof. dr. ir. Zofia Lukszo Smart Energy Systems, Delft University of Technology
Steering Board member of PowerWeb Institute, Delft University of Technology
Supervisor Board member, The Green Village
Prof. dr. ir. Axelle Viré – Floating Wind Energy, Delft University of Technology
Scientific Director of the Floating Renewables Lab, Delft University of Technology
Ass. prof. Ankica Kovač phd.– University of Zagreb
Member Council of the President of Republic of Croatia for Energy Transition
Vice President of the Croatian Hydrogen Association
Mikaa Blugeon-Mered –Sciences Po / UM6P / HECA
Lecturer on hydrogen markets & geopolitics

Pitches: Next generation green energy ready for takeoff
Short introduction of the hydrogen dream teams making future reality
Dream team Forze – racecar
All that is possible for hydrogen in motorsports, mobility and more 
Dream team Hydromotion – flying hydrogen boat
Bridging the gap between technology of the future and today

Hydrogen Rocks
Why clean hydrogen is key to a strong, competitive and green European economy
Diederik Samsom
Cabinet European Commission

Official presentation first copy of the book *
‘Green energy for all – how hydrogen and electricity carry our future’
Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk, Els van der Roest and Jos Boere hand over first copy to the next generations, the students of the four dream teams.

* To pre-order the book click here

Closing remarks by chair Natasja van den Berg

Lunchbreak / Foyer 1st Floor

During lunch there will be short tours around the Green Village
Showcases AeroDelft, Forze, Ecorunner and Hydromotion

Walking distance 5-7 minutes (or by fuel cell bus)

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Valedictory address (Farewell speech)

‘A sustainable energy supply for everyone’

Valedictory address
Prof. dr. Ad van Wijk

Reception /
Foyer 1st Floor