The Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands

By 2050, the Netherlands is aiming to achieve a carbon emission free economy.

This fits into broader international endeavors as put forward in the Paris agreement to mitigate greenhouse gas-induced climate change. Such a radical change towards a carbon emission free economy by 2050 requires a mentality shift toward embracing the need for radical transformations in the energy system because incremental changes alone will not be sufficient.

The Northern Netherlands is facing not only the urgent need to move towards a carbon emission free economy but also the urgent need to reduce gas production because of the gas extraction-induced earthquakes. However, the Northern Netherlands is uniquely positioned to provide an excellent opportunity to contribute to a carbon emission free economy while simultaneously reducing gas extraction-induced earthquakes. Developing a green hydrogen economy could eventually replace the natural gas economy in the Northern Netherlands. It will take courage and perseverance to shift mentalities in order to realize such a drastic transformation.

Download the full article here (pdf).

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