The Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands

The past few months the Northern Innovation Board (NIB) has put a tremendous effort into a single document that outlines how the three Northern provinces of the Netherlands can make the switch from a fossil fuel, natural gas-based economy, to a sustainable green hydrogen-based economy.

Green hydrogen will facilitate the energy transition in terms of chemistry, transportation and electricity. It is necessary for the realization of the Paris climate goals, as well as to make the economy stronger and greener.

The Northern Netherlands is uniquely positioned to develop a green hydrogen economy because of its large-scale green electricity production (especially offshore wind), its knowledge infrastructure, its large-scale chemical cluster, its importation of green electricity and its existing gas infrastructure, which can be retrofitted easily and cheaply to transport green hydrogen.

A high-level roadmap has been developed in conjunction with industry, researchers and various levels of government. This roadmap still needs to be worked out in detail in a masterplan, a process which will be led by an influential Green Hydrogen Ambassador.

Read the executive summary: The Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands.
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