Launch of the Green Village

Yesterday, on June 7, 2012 we officially launched the Green Village in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Carlos Bourbon de Parme and Paul Rullman, member of the Executive Board of TU Delft. This will be the laboratory where we test out new ideas, check out the practical implications of some of our assumptions, and work out the kinks in our plans for the bigger Green Campus. Above all, the Green Village will be a place to meet like-minded students and researchers, and give industrial partners the opportunity to connect with them.

The preliminary steps in the construction of the Green Village will start in the coming months. Within less than two years, the Green Village should feature housing and workspaces for dozens of people, in addition to a hotel, café, shops, and EV charging points. It will also be completely autarkic!

See this video of The Harp, the combined wind turbine and solar energy generation plant we would like to see at the TUDelft:

Check out a more in-dept overview of the Green Village, or visit the official site on