Presentatie op TEDx Groningen

Met trots kan ik melden een presentatie op TEDx Groningen te hebben gegeven. Het thema was duurzame energie, met de focus op de inefficiëntie van onze huidige manier van leven. De deurbel is uiteraard voorbij gekomen, net als de mogelijkheden die onze auto’s geven om elektriciteit op te wekken.


Er is hierover ook een artikel verschenen in het Dagblad van het Noorden.

Presentation Green Village – arrival first containers

green-village-showcaseA big step in the development of the Green Village, the high-tech testing grounds at the Delft University of technology. The first two containers have arrived; many more will follow in the months and years to come!

Find the presentation held today regarding the official opening of these first building blocks.

Update february 8, 2013
Hereby also a short (4 minutes) videoclip of this presentation:

Vestrock University

That the life of a university professor continues beyond the lecture halls is hardly a surprise. That it would take me to Vestrock (a rock festival in the Netherlands) was even beyond my imagination!

Besides music, Vestrock also focuses on sustainability. This is visible in many aspects, such as the generation of sustainable energy on the festival location, the separate collection of different types of garbage, etc. But they also instigated Vestrock University, in which they asked (among others) me to give some insights.
The full video can be seen right here:

Jury Member of CSR event: ‘Future Leaders 2012’

It was my pleasure to see the enthusiasm and vigor of the next generation of free thinkers and entrepreneurs as part of the ‘Future Leaders 2012’ event organized by the national Dutch organisation for CSR, MVO Nederland.

As part of the expert jury, I saw several great ideas from young professionals (up to 35 years old). It was also great to see that the wife of the Dutch crown prince, HKH Máxima was so interested in sustainability. More than that, she asked some critical questions that showed she knew what she was talking about!

The presentations, photo’s and press coverage of the day can be found at the site of MVO Nederland. Below are several pictures of the day to get a feeling of the atmosphere.