Moderne stad: bouwen aan de toekomst (Dutch only)

In een speciale bijlage geven vele experts, waaronder ik, hun mening hoe de stad van de toekomst er uit kan komen te zien. Er is momenteel al zo veel technologie beschikbaar om ons leven te verduurzamen. Maar in de bebouwde omgeving, met de hoge dichtheid van mensen, woningen, en diensten, vergt dit een extra inspanning.

Lees in de bijlage (pdf) over duurzaam renoveren, maar ook het verduurzaamde energiesysteem dat gebruik maakt van auto’s voor de productie.

Vestrock University

That the life of a university professor continues beyond the lecture halls is hardly a surprise. That it would take me to Vestrock (a rock festival in the Netherlands) was even beyond my imagination!

Besides music, Vestrock also focuses on sustainability. This is visible in many aspects, such as the generation of sustainable energy on the festival location, the separate collection of different types of garbage, etc. But they also instigated Vestrock University, in which they asked (among others) me to give some insights.
The full video can be seen right here:

Lecture for the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

It was my absolute pleasure to speak before the IRENA (Internation Renewable Energy Agency) in Abu Dhabi. The IRENA a UN-sanctioned institute that is dedicated to the research of sustainable energy and the proliferation of renewables in general.

As part of my visit, a gave a lecture on ‘Future Energy Systems’ to the IRENA scholars at the Masdar Institute. The lecture as a whole has not yet been made available at the IRENA website, but should be downloadable in the foreseeable future.
For an impression of the lecture and surroundings, check out these pictures:

Interview in Shell magazine

A first, being interviewed by fossil fuel conglomerate Shell! They were kind enough to include me in an issue of their in-house magazine (called ‘Shell Venster’) which was dedicated to the future of energy.

In the interview I discuss the utter inefficiency of many everyday activities such as boiling an egg or driving a car, as well as the role I see of natural gas as a transition fuel. I conclude to state that sustainable energy does not need governmental subsidies, only a level playing field.

Read the interview online (Dutch only), or on the Shell website.