Forze H2 team TU Delft

ForzeH2 shows that hydrogen cars are far from boring or limiting; they’re incredibly fast race cars that offer a sustainable alternative to the regular racing world.

In the episodes below the ForceH2 team by the Delft University of Technology gives an in-dept look into its hydrogen race car in all its facets. Jump right in!

The MENA Hydrogen Alliance

The MENA Hydrogen Alliance was launched in 2020 to accelerate the development of value chains for green molecules in the region and brings together private and public sector actors and academia. Under the umbrella of Desertec 3.0, Dii Desert Energy acts as neutral advisor to elaborate business cases and to educate different stakeholders on all aspects of producing, transporting and using green hydrogen and other green molecules. This includes exporting green molecules to world markets, including Europe.

Following the first stakeholders’ consultation at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi in January, hosted by Masdar, and the official launch at InterSolar Middle East on 4th of March 2020, the 3rd meeting of the MENA Hydrogen Alliance provided a review on recent activities, as well as a discussion on the alliance’s work until the end of 2020. This particular edition focused on connecting MENA to Europe by fostering a regional partnership between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to accelerate the deployment of green hydrogen projects and local value chains.

Watch the 3rd (online) Meeting of the MENA Hydrogen Alliance