A North Africa – Europe Hydrogen Manifesto

A joint hydrogen strategy between Europe and North Africa can help build a European energy system based on 50% renewable electricity and 50% green hydrogen by 2050.

For Europe, the green hydrogen shall consist of hydrogen produced in Europe, complemented by hydrogen imports, especially from North Africa. Hydrogen produced in North Africa will be beneficial for both Europe and North Africa. A bold energy sector strategy with an important infrastructure component is suggested, which differs from more traditional bottom-up sectoral strategies. This approach guarantees optimized use of (existing) infrastructure, has low risk and cost, improves Europe’s energy security and supports European technology leadership. In North Africa it would foster economic development, boost export, create future-oriented jobs in a high-tech sector and support social stability.

This paper is a summary of the chapter Hydrogen, the Bridge between Africa and Europe in the book “Shaping an Inclusive Energy Transition” (M.P.C. Weijnen and Z. Lukszo (editors), Frank Wouters, Ad van Wijk), Springer (2020), complemented with valuable insights in recent developments in the green hydrogen space in Morocco.

Download the full book below.